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Aweber – is it the right fit for all of your email marketing needs? The marketing industry is a tough place to be. Ask a marketing department of any business and they will tell you how difficult it is to cope with the modern marketing needs. To be able to deliver your product effectively to the potential customers, you have to be on your A-game or else, it could go down quite quickly.

Innovation is the key to effective marketing. Especially when it comes to the digital marketing of businesses, it is important that you continue to evolve your advertising tactics to engage more audience to your business.

While there are several methods to get to your potential customers in the digital world, Email marketing remains to be one of the most effective methods. This direct marketing channel is still popular for its best ROI among all other internet marketing techniques.

Automated and easy to generate emails and that too with high-speed delivery are the major constituents of any email service. Therefore, We have for you here a software that guarantees it all. We will talk about AWeber, one of the leading email automation services right now. If you have a business of your own and are looking for one such service, we suggest you continue reading this article.

Table Of Contents

01. What Is AWeber?
02. AWeber – An Introduction
03. The Pricing
04. Is AWeber Better Than Other Similar Tools?
05. Is It Simple To Use?
06. Pros Of AWeber
07. Cons Of AWeber
08. What Users Are Saying About AWeber?
09. Is It Popular?
10. The Final Word

What Is AWeber?

AWeber lets you generate automated emails for your business. It started off as a small privately held company back n 1998. Hence, we can safely say that it has seen all the revolutions in the digital world. It’s a web-based email generation software which is widely used by small and medium sized businesses.

Business entrepreneurs and bloggers have found it really helpful to convey their message across to their targeted audience. Currently, AWeber has more than 120,000clients across the globe.

Since you can target your audience without a fuss, AWeber becomes a convenient option for your business in many ways. Simplicity, ease of use, interactive templates, and multilingual features are few of the many engaging features you will find in this service.

We shall see how this software can help[ you promote your business across to your local and international targeted audience. Some highly facilitating features are waiting for you at AWeber.

Drag & Drop
Drag & Drop

AWeber – An Introduction

Email marketing has become more than just a message that is sent across to a particular group or individual. There are numerous features which have allowed businesses to boost their efficiency. What’s even more impressive is that now you have to put in minimal effort to design an email. AWeber features these services and with such a group of features you can:

  • Send newsletters to your subscribers
  • Set different online campaigns
  • Create emails from your blog posts
  • Manage and track your subscribers to see what they want from your business
  • Integrate with third party apps to maximize your reach

You can design your own emails or choose from the ready to use templates. Easy to build drag and drop features in AWeber are particularly helpful for larger marketing teams who haven’t got too much time to design emails from scratch. To top it all, AWeber Stats App lets you keep a track of everything that’s going on.

Effective email services at high-speed delivery with reporting is an attractive enough suite for any business. You get it all with AWeber. We shall look into the details of features further down in the discussion.

The Pricing

AWeber has a straight and simple pricing plan. Unlike other software where there are different features and services available with different packages, AWeber serves all its features in each of its pricing plans. You also get a free trial which also includes all of the features. However, you will have to provide billing information in order to avail the free trial. It is available for a month. Here are some important details regarding pricing that you should know:

  • VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express Cards are accepted.
  • There are prepaid services also available where you can select monthly, quarterly or annually paid programs.

The pricing plans are similar when it comes to features. Prices differ on the basis of monthly subscribers. Here are the details:

  • AWeber is available for $19 a month for up to 500 subscribers.
  • For up to 1000 subscribers, you will have to pay $29 per month.
  • $49 per month charges for up to 5000 subscribers.
  • For up to 10,000 subscribers, pay $69 month.
  • Target up to 25,000 subscribers for $149 per month.
  • For more than 25000 subscribers, you can contact AWeber to get a quote.
Pricing Table
Pricing Table

Is AWeber Better Than Other Similar Tools?

Since there are several other email automation services available, it is important to compare AWeber with them. However, we can assure that AWeber stays on top in this comparison because of a large number of versatile features.

AWeber is available for mobile devices too. It’s a feature that generally goes missing in some of the other email services. Also, it has phone support available for you all the time. Automated email services may offer campaign services but very few offer campaign segmentation. AWeber is one of those which offer this feature too.

The List of integrations for AWeber may seem small as compared to other email services but it has all the right ingredients to provide ease of operations. For instance, it has Google Analytics and Drupal integrations which may not be present in other similar software tools.

Is It Simple To Use?


Ease of operation is what makes this software so good. AWeber is a simple enough software so you don’t have to be a tech expert to use it. Your marketing team would be pleased with you if you choose AWeber for email services just because it is so simple to use. We will talk about a few features to elaborate our point.

Ready to Use Template Designs:

AWeber has in excess of 700 HTML email templates. You can set different color schemes, images, and logos. What’s even better is that all these templates are mobile responsive. Therefore, you get to target more audience who are mobile users. Also, if you want to keep it emails in black and white, you can use plain text email formats.

Drag and Drop Builder:

No longer do you need to search for images on browsers. AWeber gives you more than 6000 free stock images to choose from. With drag and drop page building, you can get done with email designs in few minutes. You also get to see message previews before you finalize a draft. All of this makes your work appear more professional and error free.

Subscriber Management:

Once you have sent an email, it is so important to track down your recipients. You can see which of your recipients opened the email, the number of clicks in an email, track geo-locations of your recipients, website visitors as a result of your email, conversion rates as to how many people bought your product and much more. All of these statistics allow you to segment your audience which makes your targeting more effective.

AWeber features work together flawlessly to give you the best results every time. To track down your performance, you also get AWeber Stats App for your Android and iOS mobile devices. With a touch of your finger, you can check out daily email schedules, campaign stats, subscriber management stats and much more. It’s like a mini reporter in your pocket that keeps you updated all the time.

Click-based tagging

Pros of AWeber

Looking at the list of features, it shouldn’t be difficult to predict how profitable this software can be and in how many ways. To summarize, here is a list of the best advantages AWeber provides:

  • Your emails reach your targeted audience with guaranteed deliverability.
  • Effective customer support is always available online and on phone to help you through any technical problems.
  • Audience segmentation allows you to target several niches of recipients that a business can have. For instance, educational institutions can send emails to students, teachers, and sponsors thanks to segmentation.
  • Customizable templates let you design and send an email in no time.
  • Auto-responder lets you stay in touch with your clients. It’s a great addition that helps make prospective customers.
  • Intuitive platform and easy to use features make simplify operations at work.

Cons Of AWeber

Although AWeber seems like a flawless software, there are a few areas that it can improve upon. Here are some of the drawbacks in this software:

  • Some templates don’t have the complete list of formatting functions.
  • Sending Newsletters through mobile phones can be troublesome at times.
  • The list of integrations is not as large as some other email automation services.

What Users Are Saying About AWeber?

Sign Up Form
Sign Up Form

The best judges of any product are its users. Therefore, we considered it mandatory to give you the real feel of things. We shall see some important and worth sharing feedbacks from AWeber users. Most of them seem to be happy with the product and have praised different aspect and features of the software. Also, you will see some common complaints that people have regarding this software.

Most of the customers are at ease with the deliverability. They claimed that you can trust be at peace with the fact that your emails will reach the audience. Be it newsletters or plain text emails, they all reach the destination safely.

A customer suggested that AWeber should reintroduce its Meet Up feature. This feature allowed you to hold meetings with your clients and AWeber could store the important info regarding these meetings. Also, users praised the technical support staff which is always prompt in responding to the user queries.

Many users suggested this software to other users because of its flexible pricing. They considered it cheap keeping in mind the number of features it offers. Some of them believe that the major portion of their business income has been due to AWeber.

A few customers complained that some of the templates don’t really allow full formatting options and some of them are even outdated. Although pricing plans are quite affordable, some users suggest that for smaller businesses having less than 100 subscribers, it can be a bit costly.

Is It Popular?

We turned to website traffic monitoring services to find out the popularity level of this software. Although having more than 120,000 clients is evidence in itself, we thought we should back our claims with more stats from reliable sources.

According to SimilarWeb, AWeber had at least 25.5 million visitors in the month of October 2016, the most since August 2016. Average visit duration of 2.5 minutes is also a fair indication that users find the services and features worth trying.

Mobile Reporting
Mobile Reporting

AWeber has an exceptional world ranking. According to Alexa, it ranks among the top 1000 website of the world. Its ranking has shot up in the recent past which indicates that more and more people are turning up to this software. For an email automation service that has relatively lesser integrations, these numbers are quite amazing and it confirms that AWeber is a popular entity in the digital world.

The Final Word

There is no possible reason why you would want to choose another email automation service. AWeber has all the tools you could possibly require for effective business marketing. On top of that, it continues to innovate so you are always in for something new.

If we were to suggest an email automation and marketing software, it would be definitely AWeber. The stats, features, services and integrations are there to prove our point. On top of that, AWeber has a pool of customers that belong to the elite class of modern business.

From email design to effective delivery to follow up emails, AWeber stays with you all the way to ensure that you don’t miss out on prospective customers. In the longer run, it can prove to be the right tool that can maximize your reach as a business.

AWeber Rating & Short Overview






Ease Of Use







  • very intuitive platform
  • effective customer support
  • easy audience segmentation
  • customizable templates
  • easy to use autoresponder


  • some formatting functions are missing
  • sending newsletters via mobile sometimes buggy
  • list of integrations improvable

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