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Is this the best online software for recording user activity? Due to a constant rise in businesses going online, it has become a necessity for the companies to keep monitoring and recording the user activity on their websites. The upsurge in this trend has given birth to a lot of real-time web analytics software, which allow the organizations to analyze and record the actions of their websites’ traffic and filter information from them for creating heat maps.

These types of user recording software are especially useful because they give you complete information and understanding about the reason for users’ interaction, pause in activity or total withdrawal, without any kind of manual testing and thereby, saving a lot of your time.

One of such renowned tools is “Inspectlet,” which we are going to evaluate in this article in detail. And at the end of it, we’ll be able to know how useful it is?

  • Is it credible?
  • Is it user-friendly?
  • Is it better than the other such software available in the market?
  • And is it worth its price?
  • To find all that out, keep reading.

Table Of Contents

01. What Is Inspectlet?
02. Inspectlet – An Introduction
03. The Pricing
04. Is Inspectlet Better Than Other Similar Tools?
05. Is It Simple To Use?
06. Pros Of Inspectlet
07. Cons Of Inspectlet
08. What Users Are Saying About Inspectlet?
09. Is It Popular?
10. The Final Word

What Is Inspectlet?

As mentioned above, Inspectlet is an online software that gives you access to your visitors’ activity, when they are using your website, and lets you record it. You can see every single action of them including every single movement, click, and scroll of their mouse.

Inspectlet helps businesses in learning what attracts the visitors on their webpage and where they are feeling lost. With an open access to all that information, you can easily learn the behavior of the visitors and can make necessary changes to increase their engagement rate.

Inspectlet has specifically been created for improving your capability of comprehending the perception and viewpoint of every single visitor.


Inspectlet – An Introduction

Inspectlet tool is the creation of a web analytics firm named InspectletInc that is located in California, and it lets you record the involvement of the visitors on your website in a video. Whether you are a small organization, a medium one or a large enterprise, Inspectlet will help you deeply examine the activities of the users while they are on your website.

This tool is pretty well known for heatmaps. For monitoring the website’s visits in real-time, this tool copies a JavaScript code to your website. The code then transmits all the record to the servers where it gets accumulated and then finally reaches you in the form of easily coherent web analytics data.

By observing your prospective customers through this software, you can discover a lot of things about them that can help you with new ideas and make the required amendments. There are three different types of services that Inspectlet provides, which are:

  • Session Recordings.
  • Heatmaps.
  • Form Analytics.

The Pricing

Inspectlet offers multiple pricing plans, besides a free plan, which can fit the requirements of all sizes of organizations. Let’s take a detailed look at them.


The free trial consists of 30 days, and it offers 100 recorded sessions and 1,000 page views per month for one website with one month’s storage.

Micro – $39/month

The micro plan offers 5000 recorded sessions and 50,000 page views a month for one website with a two month’s storage.

Startup – $79/month

Startup plan offers 25,000 recorded sessions and 250,000 page views a month for three websites with a three month’s storage.

Growth – $149/month

Growth plan offers 50,000 recorded sessions and 500,000 page views a month for ten websites with a six month’s storage.

Accelerate – $299/month

Accelerate plan offers 125,000 recorded sessions and 1,250,000 page views a month for 20 websites with a 12 month’s storage.

Enterprise – Ask Inspectlet for Quotation

Enterprise plan offers unlimited recorded sessions and page views for unlimited websites and unlimited storage duration.


Is Inspectlet Better Than Other Similar Tools?

Considering the features and usability of Inspectlet, it works effortlessly in providing the firms with all the necessary information regarding the traffic on their website without any issue. First of all, it is very easy to use in comparison to the other complex tools. The filtering and funnel analysis features are seriously a doddle to use, and they cover all your elementary requirements.

You will find the interface to be very spontaneous with an option of customizing it. There is a feature that records the activity of every visit and tracks the movements of mouse that include every scroll, click, and even keystroke.

And since, the movement of the mouse is linked to the eye movement; therefore you can easily determine the interest and action of every user more specifically. And for that, this tool uses two kinds of procedures we mentioned above, funnel and filtering analysis, which works flawlessly on all kinds of websites.

Using filtering feature, you can detect some particular visitors of your choice for monitoring them. And using the funnel analysis, you can see when a visitor interacts with the website, like when somebody adds something to the cart.

You can also filter different actions for viewing the specific visitors following those actions, like those that clicked to see the details of a specific item. All of these features may not make it the best of the rest, but its ease of use and simplicity indeed make it better than a lot other comparable tools.

Is It Simple To Use?

Eye Tracking
Eye Tracking

Yes, it is. In fact, it is very simple to use. Let’s see in detail what all you can do with this amazing tool.

Session Recording

Session recording gives you the access to below mentioned things.

Watch Individual Users on Website

The tool records the videos of users’ activity on your website that allows you to see everything they do.

Power Filtering and Funnel Analysis

Power filtering allows you to watch the specific visitors you are interested in watching. And through funnel analysis, you can watch the recordings of visitors’ interaction with the website, like when someone selects an item to buy but doesn’t proceed to check out. You can slice and dice your data the way you like.

Tagging Sessions and Users

You can send in any metadata that you want to tag with a user or a session for filtering it through the javascript tagging API of Inspectlet. Doing so also helps you in identifying the individual users and in capturing interesting events.

Identify Individual Users

Using one line of code; you can tell the software regarding the users that are getting recorded so that you can find out users with a specific ID or email address later on.

Capture Interesting Events

You can tag the screen captures with “pressed-play” for watching every single screen capture where the visitor clicked the play button.

AJAX, HTTPS, Authentication & Single-Page Apps

Whether your site is a single page app or you frequently use dynamic javascript, AJAX, HTML5, cookies, HTTPS/SSL or anything else, Inspectlet is compatible with all of these technologies and works equally well with them all, without any need for integration.


Heatmapsinclude the below-mentioned things.

Eye-Tracking Heatmaps

By visualizing the mouse movement, you can see where your visitors are looking and what are they reading.

Click Heatmaps

In click heatmaps, you can see which button or link or image your visitors are clicking on, which helps you in identifying which “buy now” buttons is clicked more by the visitors. It also helps you understand what is working and what isn’t.

Scroll Heatmaps

click heatmap
Click Heatmap

Through scroll heatmaps, you can see how far the visitors scroll down on the pages of your websites. It helps you in identifying where you should put the most important content.

Form Analytics

Using form analytics, you can do below mentioned activities.

Understanding Forms

You can judge the effectiveness of your forms in terms of conversions through the conversion reports. The report shows the number of visitors passing through each conversion stage.

Identify the Points of Hesitation on Your Form

The “Hesitation Report” shows you the amount of time a visitor takes in hesitating at each form field. This can include a lot of areas where visitors may hesitate. This happens through Inspectlet’s hesitation algorithm that helps you in tracking different signals that help in understanding whether the user is hesitating or engaging.

The information obtained through this report is not easily available in other analytical sources, which makes this report extremely valuable.

Indentify the Misunderstood Form Fields

Through “Fill Reports”, you can see the frequency of your input field being filled by the visitors. This report also helps in identifying which input field has more issues, like form validation errors, visitors not interested in filling out complete form, or users not willing to provide the required information.

Indentify Input Fields that Cause Visitors to Abandon the Form

Lastly, there is an “Ignored Field Report”, which shows you how frequently the fields are being ignored by the visitors. This shows that the user didn’t even attempt to fill out the form.

Pros Of Inspectlet

  • A very functional and user-friendly tool.
  • You can easily find out the behavior of the potential clients that are using your website through Inspectlet. This further leads to having the understanding about visitor’s needs and activity in some specific area.
  • Inspectlet enables you to look at your own website from a visitors viewpoint and figure out what’s lacking in there.
  • All of this knowledge helps you in identifying the ways to attract visitors attention, like placing ads in the most visited areas of the website.
  • You can easily record and play back the videos containing the activities of the visitors while they are on your website.
  • The funnel analysis feature in Inspectlet helps you in finding out the exact time and action of the user interaction on your site.

Cons Of Inspectlet

  • Some basic features are missing in free and micro plans.
  • Only the Enterprise plan offers unlimited session recording and website tracking.

What Are Users Saying About Inspectlet?

scroll heatmap
Scroll Heatmap

According to users, Inspectlet is a very useful tool for knowing your customers, and it specifically helps the organizations in identifying where the visitors are getting confused and where they are being engaged. Users also reportedly said that the session recording and its playback helps them in understanding the behavior of the visitors.

The users seem happy that they can segregate the data by visitor’s information that includes IP, state, web page, country, etc. The tagging feature is also appreciated by the users for its ease of use and quick deliverance of the required information.

The simple UI of this tool was specially mentioned by users because it makes this whole thing a piece of cake for even the most non-technical persons. Some users reported that Inspectlet has also helped them in finding out that the visitors do not seem interested in their auto suggest feature, which helped them to change their methods to grab the visitors’ attention.

And for some users, Inspectlet also highlighted a few website synchronization issues which were then taken care of by the organizations. Users reportedly saw an immense increase in their website traffic after they started using Inspectlet and they are highly recommending it to the organizations of all sizes.

Is It Popular?

For determining the popularity of this tool, we checked out various sources to have the exact picture of its reputation. Starting off with blogs and online ratings, we found out most of the blogs and reviews to be for the software.

Sounds good! But is there any solid proof of the tool being popular? – Yes, there is!

We checked Inspectlet’s online ranking on Alexa, where we found it to be among the top 56k most visited websites in the world, which shows that tool is gradually gaining popularity. And as per SimilarWeb, Inspectlet’s website had 308k total visitors in the month of March alone, which is quite an indicator that it is a renowned software.

A/B Testing
A/B Testing

The Final Word

Inspectlet is a great and effective tool for all the organizations who truly want to understand their visitors for providing them what they need. The amazing features of Inspectlet, besides being too easy to use, give you the access to all the valuable information about your site’s visitors, which enables you to follow a proper course of action to increase their engagement rate.

The bottom line is, if you want a user-friendly, reasonably priced and efficient solution for heatmaps and user recording then you must give Inspectlet a try.

Inspectlet Rating & Short Overview






Ease Of Use







  • very functional and user-friendly
  • easily find out customer behavior
  • check pages from a visitors viewpoint
  • in-depth reporting
  • easily record and play back videos
  • great funnel analysis feature


  • some basic features are missing
  • no unlimited session recording

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