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  • very intuitive usability
  • reduces communication time
  • supports multiple languages
  • track real-time website visitors
  • handle multiple chats
  • quick reports of your teams
  • doesn’t support video chat
  • no real-time translation
  • auto-correct option improvable

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  • unlimited number of chats
  • easy to set-up and integrate
  • colors & styles are changeable
  • excellent customizable options
  • minor bugs in its design
  • free version is very limited

0 Days








  • software is very customizable
  • highly efficient & time saving
  • great customer analysis
  • a scalable service
  • web based solution
  • mobile app is not available
  • visitor typing feature is missing

10 Days








  • extremely easy to set up
  • affordable solution
  • very simple and user-friendly
  • easily block any IP address
  • monitor team members
  • exceptional customer service
  • easily integrates with all cms
  • deeper customization takes time
  • has a few bugs

0 Days








  • 20 different languages
  • monitor your employee performance
  • sneak peek feature
  • access social media profiles of your customers
  • good price-performance ratio
  • no windows phone app
  • not available for freelancers
  • improvable security features

14 Days


Table Of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Online live chat, an ideal way to boost your business
3. What is live chat software?
4. Who uses live chat software?
5. Main benefits of an online chat service for your website
5.1 Clearly increases sales
5.2 Reduces personnel costs
5.3 Differentiation and competitive advantage
5.4 Data monitoring and analysis
5.5 Increased customer satisfaction
5.6 More advantages of live chatting
6. Things to keep in mind when offering a chat service on your website
6.1 Know your business well
6.2 Find the right chat solution
6.3 Perform the installation and configuration correctly
6.4 Define your goals
6.5 Make measurements and improvements
6.6 Never stop doing tests and optimizations

1. Introduction

introWe all know that good customer service is a key factor in the reputation of any business. With the advancements of online platforms to create websites, the way to serve the public has been improving every day. The Internet has taken a turn in the way users contact companies, since, until a few years ago, online communication was one-way, but everything has evolved to enable feedback and establish an instantaneous dialogue in real time.

It can be said that we have reached the point of “customer service 2.0”, this being a great opportunity to promote services and products and build user loyalty. Of course, as long as there is an appropriate management. It is extremely important to know how to deal with customers and establish a fluid and efficient conversation, aimed at solving problems and clarifying any doubts.

Therefore, we want to tell you about our experience in this area and teach you a series of techniques to achieve effective communication with your readers and potential customers. Because you have to be aware that this, which often consists of answering questions and doubts, can change a person’s opinion about your services or products. If you do it the right way, using the right technology, you can transform a problem into a loyal customer.

We are going to tell you what “live chat” is all about, the advantages of having a good live chat system on your website, the best programs and plugins to implement a live chat in your WordPress installation and the steps you have to take to install any of them on your website, blog or online store. If you take your visitors seriously, follow our advice and you will be able to grow your customer base.

2. Online live chat, an ideal way to boost your business

boostMany businesses with online presence seem to forget that their customers are real people. For this reason, it is still possible to appreciate how many do not pay attention to properly attend users. You have to keep in mind that the Internet is a cold environment, which has no human contact, so the attention should be as warm and close as possible, so that the user experience is so good that you want to return. That is one of the main reasons to include a live chat on your website, blog or online store.
Nowadays, it is no longer enough to just have an email, a phone number and a physical address on the contact page. You have to maximize the quality of online support as much as you can. Live chat is a tool that helps you have a more direct, close and immediate contact with the customer. It’s a perfect way to boost your business, because, by better serving your customers, you encourage them to come back again to buy more.

3. What is live chat software?

What is Live Chat If you have a website, you can place a “chat” button anywhere for the user to start a conversation with you instantly. The most common practice is to place it at the bottom left or right of the page, as Facebook does in its application to chat with your friends. It is good to follow the good practices of the big ones, as they accustom users to certain behaviors.

It is a feature that can be used by potential customers who need help with their purchasing decisions or by users who need support in using your product or service. This is possible through applications that are installed on your website to manage conversations. These usually have an interface that facilitates the whole process of answering questions. With live chat you should let your potential or current customers know that you are available to answer all their questions or comments at the time.

4. Who uses live chat software?

Who uses Live ChatHaving live chat on the website is a clear trend. In recent years it has been seen how all the big companies have been adapting to this tool to improve their customer service. But this doesn’t just work for large corporations, as small and medium-sized businesses can also enjoy the benefits of this method of conversation with users.

To be clear, we are not exaggerating when we say that having a live chat available to users is increasingly important. A study by Zendesk, a company specializing in online customer service, revealed that 92% of customers are satisfied when using the live chat function, compared to other communication options such as voice (88%), email (85%) and social networks (Facebook 84% or Twitter 77%).

Surprisingly, many businesses still do not have this feature available. Most, under the belief that live chat is just another way to connect with the seller, think there is no real need to install this tool, so keep the traditional alternatives. This is a common mistake that companies often make, because live chat is the most effective way to establish close contact with the seller online. It helps to increase customer satisfaction by making them feel important and attended to as soon as possible.

In fact, in this regard, we still see a very serious problem in customer service on many websites, and that is that users are uncomfortable with a business that can not answer their questions in real time and accurately. Instead of seeing them and treating them as potential customers, they decide not to put the necessary tools at their fingertips, causing many of them to go elsewhere. However, there are companies that are beginning to see it clearly, opting to add a live chat function to perform online support.

5. Main benefits of an online chat service for your website

Main benefitsIt is clear that live chat on a website has many advantages! To shed more light on this subject and explain the main reasons why you should install a chat system on your website, we have identified 5 main advantages and several more to make it clear that it is time to think about it.

Let’s start with the advantage that attracts more interest in any business:

5.1 Clearly increases sales

Several studies highlight that live chat is an important factor in increasing sales on a website. For example, the American Marketing Association showed that real-time conversation increases conversions by at least 20%. In addition, the ROI or rate of return on investment when having chatting software for sales teams is approximately 300%. This same report indicates that customers who use live chat are 3 times more likely to make purchases than those who do not. The numbers make the effectiveness of live chat quite clear.

There are several reasons for this:

  1. Live chat gives visitors instant access to a support or sales team, so staff is more likely to turn these visitors into customers.
  2. While a user is browsing your website it is always possible for them to have questions about your products or services, so if you have a live chat, you can answer them while the buyer is still on the website.
  3. It’s a tool that gives you the opportunity to take your customers by the hand, helping them clear up doubts quickly and guide them to a purchase decision, so it’s practically like having a 24-hour sales assistant on the website.

5.2 Reduces personnel costs

It’s no secret to anyone that customer service tools can be quite expensive. In all traditional call centers, a service executive can answer questions via phone and email, but always one at a time. Can you imagine what it would be like to answer two calls at the same time?

The benefit of having live chat software for your website changes everything. According to research done by Telus International, customer service analysts can commit to an average of 6 simultaneous chats, always depending on the complexity of the doubts they are solving. Being able to manage so many chats at the same time means you can have a smaller team to serve customers, resulting in reduced staff costs.

If this is not enough to convince you, you should also know that live chat is much cheaper than phone calls. There are several studies that reveal how live chat is a low cost alternative compared to telephone as a service channel. A live chat session is approximately between 20% and 30% cheaper than a call. In addition, with all the free options that exist for this type of chatting tools, you would get very advanced functions.

5.3 Differentiation and competitive advantage

Another report by Telus International has found that a high number of online businesses still do not use any kind of live chat system on their websites. It is said that, out of a total of 1000 web pages, only 9% used this tool to give real time support to their users.

This means that if you choose to install one of these tools on your website (something you should do as soon as possible), you will have greater opportunities to differentiate yourself from your competitors, taking a big advantage in terms of instant support and opportunities to engage users with your brand in a proactive way, generating sales and brand awareness as well.

5.4 Data monitoring and analysis

Using an online support via email you have a record of all messages from your users or people interested in your service. That provides a certain level of profitability and ability to measure staff performance, but in a very limited way. With telephone support, doing a performance evaluation is much more difficult because you have to record all the calls and do an arduous job of analyzing them.

When you have a live chat system you have the ability to export various types of reports and review, in an orderly manner, the history of conversations of all commercials, being a job easier to execute than with the threads of emails and phone calls. You and your team can study the information in these reports and use that knowledge to improve the service.

5.5 Increased customer satisfaction

Of course, the most convenient benefit of live chat is that it is a great opportunity to improve customer service, because you are offering them a memorable user experience. With live chat your customers don’t have to give up what they are doing to take the time to make a call or write an email every time they have a question. Instead, they can get live answers while browsing the website.

Many studies indicate that live chat results in the highest levels of satisfaction among all service channels. The reason for this is the efficiency and immediacy of the experience for the customer. Of course, you can offer traditional ways for them to contact you, but it will always be better to communicate with your users using the fastest and most direct means. If you do so, consumer retention will be higher.

After all, the quality of your product or service will be the first factor that will determine whether your business will be successful or not. But, once that user has converted, providing them with the means of contact so that they can resolve their doubts comes second in the list. Live chat provides your website visitors with instant access to the sales or technical support team. Users will feel more comfortable with your company’s image because you will be a valuable source of knowledge and support.

5.6 More advantages of live chatting

Did you think that was it? No way! There are other more specific advantages that you could take advantage of by implementing a live chat on your website. In fact, there are so many that we wanted to summarize them. Let’s see each benefit of live chat one by one:

  • Reduces errors on the website: One of the least valued benefits of live chat is its effectiveness in lowering the amount of errors. Users who forget their password or get to 404 errors can solve these problems quickly and effectively.
  • It is easy to install: Most live chat solutions bring a small piece of code that needs to be added to your website. By just enforcing this step and setting everything up your way, you’ll be ready to start interacting with users.
  • It serves as a training tool: Preparing new members of the customer service staff is much easier with a live chat. There are predetermined answers, previous conversations and different types of notifications that will allow them to learn quickly, easily and with very low risk of failure.
  • Answers to the most common doubts: Live chat tools have functions to speed up the response to these doubts, marking them as predetermined or automate their sending.
  • It’s a discreet communication channel: When you have a live chat you can manage disgruntled users complaining on social networks and take them to a private space. There you can solve all their problems and receive all comments out of the public eye, causing less damage to your brand reputation.
  • Eliminate language barriers: For international businesses, one of the key benefits of live chat is its multilingual capability. The messages you send and receive can be translated immediately, opening your website to new frontiers.
  • Quick and effective connections: One of the biggest benefits for the customer is that you won’t have to sit on the phone listening to music waiting or with the uncertainty of not knowing when you will receive an email back. With live chat you know that you will have an instant connection with a real person.
  • Bringing your business closer to people: Another benefit that is not valued enough is its ability to stimulate the engagement of users. It makes you more accessible, because your website visitors will know that they can contact you easily, without obstacles.
  • Help in periods of more activity: With a live chat you will be able to better manage the times when there are more users on your website. That’s why the busiest moments of the day can be easily managed.
  • Support digital transformation: At a time when companies are transforming into the digital world, it is positive to migrate from traditional to digital media to communicate with customers. By integrating user service via chat into web portals, you have a great opportunity to win and retain more customers.
  • Less fatigue for employees: A chat is much less tiring than a phone call. You have the opportunity to prepare your answers and send them with just a couple of clicks, preventing repetitive manual transcriptions every day, something that can be frustrating for analysts.
  • It enriches CRM: Live chat software will automatically transmit new user data to your CRM. With these new registrations you’ll have more contact information for your customers to establish feedback and you’ll have more ways to keep them informed and updated about your services.
  • Your customers are going to love it: Of course, the biggest and best benefit of having a live chat tool for online support is that your customers are going to love using it. Remember, it offers high levels of satisfaction, the highest of any service channel.

6. Things to keep in mind when offering a chat service on your website

ImplementationAs you know, users who are surfing your website are always looking for something and if you can give them that quick right answer, you’ll have them on your side. That’s when live chat comes into play. The ability to connect in real time with visitors will guarantee registrations and sales.

However, to activate this feature you must start from scratch. The previous stage is important to achieve the results you want, so we want to help you know what are the most important steps that involve the implementation of a live chat on your website:

6.1 Know your business well

Before setting up a live chat on your website, you and each member of your team must have a perfect understanding of how the business, external communications and service in general are shaped. Everything must be completely in order internally before going out to the public. Only in this way can the needs of the customers be satisfied. Otherwise, you may be exposed to confusion and vague responses.

6.2 Find the right chat solution

Many times it is not a good idea to choose a random live chat software. This is because, sometimes, the interface of the tool does not look good with the image of your website. It may seem like a minor detail, but it is essential for attracting users. A chat window that doesn’t look like the rest of the page simply won’t be of interest to visitors.

A basic step in making a live chat work is to adapt it to your brand image. If you get a software in which you can customize fonts, colors, messages and images, that will be the best option. Sometimes live chats have designs to stand out, regardless of the page layout, but if both interfaces are not visually compatible, you won’t have many users using this feature.

6.3 Perform the installation and configuration correctly

The forms of installation are similar among almost all live chat providers. Once you complete the necessary steps, you must configure it correctly, so that the team can take full advantage of the tool. There are several good practices that can optimize your use of chat as an administrator. For example, you can place the chat button on the most visited or best rated pages.

This is possible because these types of applications allow you to choose where the panel will appear and where it won’t. Many webmasters make it available on all pages, but if you have a website that allows you to strategically place it in the most important places, you should evaluate that possibility. There are also shortcuts to make conversations more efficient. There are predetermined answers that will ensure you a significant time saving when receiving common questions.

6.4 Define your goals

A very important step is the definition of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). These are fundamental to understand the goals and performance of live chat. A team must understand the needs and expectations of consumers, in order to generate a proactive strategy that structures conversations and all elements of customer service to guide the work towards the achievement of specific objectives.

These indicators will be of great help for the success of your live chat. You must decide if you want to reach a final goal or simply increase some specific metrics. Establish exactly which aspects you want to improve before going out to the public with your live chat. This way you will have a well-defined reason to install this tool and a path that you will want to follow constantly, resulting in better customer service.

6.5 Make measurements and improvements

Continuous measurement for service optimization is critical to the success of a live chat implementation on a website. When it comes to analyzing data to know the success of a campaign, you must first see the volume and quality of the:

  • Number of chats
  • Number of users chatting
  • Number of registered users via chat
  • Number of sales made after the chat
  • General sales number
  • Most visited pages within the website
  • User Locations
  • Most Contacted Customer Service Analyst
  • Most quoted product or service
  • Product or service that generates more questions

6.6 Never stop doing tests and optimizations

Consumers are always growing and adapting to the market, so you must do the same. Changing strategies, introducing new products, creating promotions and getting the most out of the budget are the right actions to build an outstanding user experience. The same thing should happen when implementing a live chat.

As a company, you should always be looking for ways to improve and wondering how you can help customers achieve their goals. These constant changes and new ways of doing things mean that training should never stop. If you follow practice routines in the implementation of a live chat you can only improve with time. You must be able to offer as much relevant information as possible for the product to make sense to the audience.

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