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For keeping a smooth and comprehensive customer service system, more and more enterprises are now using live chat software tools. LiveChatInc is also one of such software that is considered one of the best live chat tools available in the market. It doesn’t just offer chat option with your website visitors but also offers a complete solution for ultimately enhancing your sales by maintaining a proper visitor database and offering a number of features.

We are going to review this software in this article to find out if it’s really one of the best ones out there or is it just a hoax? – Let’s find out together.

Table Of Contents

01. What Is LiveChatInc?
02. LiveChatInc – An Introduction
03. The Pricing
04. Is LiveChatInc Better Than Other Similar Tools?
05. Is It Simple To Use?
06. Pros Of LiveChatInc
07. Cons Of LiveChatInc
08. What Users Are Saying About LiveChatInc?
09. Is It Popular?
10. The Final Word

What Is LiveChatInc?

LiveChatInc is support software designed for giving you high-level access to multiple live chats along with monitoring of website traffic. LiveChatInc offers a substantial number of useful tools and features at affordable packages. The software lets you personalize your chat box and can be easily integrated with various other applications.


LiveChatInc – An Introduction

LiveChatInc software was introduced in 2002 with the aim of providing premium quality live chat services to its users through web analytics options and some really amazing features. The software has a very easy and customizable interface with so many interesting options that aid in enhancing the communication with your customers.

LiveChatInc supports 30+ different languages on its dashboard and puts maximum stress on the improvement of web-based customer service. The software is highly functional with all of its core and necessary tools and it offers a wide variety of other add-on components as well that let you automate sales and marketing. It can also be integrated with several other CRM platforms.

The software is ideal for all types and sizes of businesses, from a small sized setup to a large international corporation. Due to its high level of personalization, it has the capability to adapt to any kind of industry and business. This software offers round-the-clock customer support to their customers through various media including email, phone, and chat.


The Pricing

LiveChatInc offers five different pricing plans and a free trial period of 30 days. You can choose one according to the size of your business and your requirements.


Starter plan is ideal for very small setups like home setup or a small office. This package costs$16 per month if billed annually and $19 if billed monthly. The package includes:

Unlimited agent accounts.
60-day chat history.
Basic chat customization.
Ticketing system.
Data security.


Regular plan is most appropriate for educated specialists and it costs$30 per month if billed annually and $36 if billed monthly. This plan includes:

Unlimited agent accounts.
Unlimited chat history.
Full chat customization.
Ticketing system.
Data security.
Basic reporting.


Team plan is so far the most popular plan and is ideal for a full-time support team. This plan costs$33 per month if billed annually and $39 if billed monthly. This plan includes:

Unlimited agent accounts.
Unlimited chat history.
Full chat customization.
Ticketing system.
Data security.
Basic reporting.
Agent groups.
Multiple brandings.


This plan is for proper customer service departments of bigger organizations and it costs$50 per month if billed annually and $59 if billed monthly. This plan includes:

Unlimited agent accounts.
Unlimited chat history.
Full chat customization.
Ticketing system.
Data security.
Advanced reporting.
Agent groups.
Multiple brandings.
Staffing prediction.
Work schedule.

Enterprise Plus

Enterprise plus plan offers all of the premium services that are available in the software and is charged only on annual basis. This plan has custom pricing policy so the price varies from user to user as per their requirements. You can simply request for a price quotation to get the best possible price for you. This plan includes:

Unlimited agent accounts.
Unlimited chat history.
Full chat customization.
Ticketing system.
Data security.
Advanced reporting.
Agent groups.
Multiple brandings.
Staffing prediction.
Work scheduler.
Dedicated account manager.
Product training.
Software engineer support.
Security assistance.
Single Sign-On (SSO).

Pricing Plans
Pricing Plans

Is It Better Than Other Similar Tools?

Although there are many other similar tools available in the market for similar purposes but LiveChatInc has one biggest advantage over them all, and that is the availability of a wide number of features that help in taking care of all of your customer service needs. And secondly, the software offers a wide range of pricing plans to choose from, which makes it affordable for all scales of businesses.

The software offers three main components that include operator application, web- based control panel and chatting window. Also, the software offers a very sleek and smooth interface for keeping things very easy and simple for both you and your customers. You can talk to your customers or potential customers directly in real-time on your own websites.

Other competitive edges of this software include website traffic monitoring, performance reports, availability of around 30 different languages, customization, and integration with so many other applications and platforms. The availability of all of these features in one single software tool makes LiveChatInc quite superior to a lot many out there.


Is It Simple To Use?

You must be wondering with all that it has to offer, this software mustn’t be that easy to use and may have you end up all baffled. But surprisingly, LiveChatInc is quite simple to use because of its user-friendly interface. Let’s have a look at its features to check its functionality.


You can customize the chat interface as per the design and layout of your website to make it look more compatible. You can choose from an extensive range of templates and can customize every little aspect of the chat window. You can even create customized greetings for your customers and visitors.

Chat Log Tagging

You can tag and ticket your chat logs and can put them in groups for quickly filtering them out in the case of need. Tags also help in identifying and locating similar chats so you can use same responses for new similar queries. It also helps in determining frequent issues with certain products.

Mobile Applications and Other Channels

You can use a number of different channels for reaching out to your customers. Desktop applications are available for Mac and Windows along with the mobile apps for iOs and android.

Visitor’s Information Availability

You have access to all of the basic information about your website’s visitors including their origin, name, contact details, their current page, prior activities, their IP addresses and browser platforms. You can make the chat more personalized on the basis of all that information.

Built-In Helpdesk

The built-in helpdesk automatically converts your visitors’ messages into tickets. You can do this manually as well from chat or archived chat menu.

Proactive Chat Invites

The software is capable of sending automated chat invites to the visitors on the basis of their activities on your web page. You can manage these settings according to various aspects like recurring visits or length of visits. It is a great tool for converting potential customers into real customers.


You can integrate LiveChatInc painlessly with a number of third-party applications and platforms that include, Salesforce, Facebook, and so many others, some of which could be directly accessed from the chat window.

Administration and Transfer

You can manage your whole team through LiveChatInc and can assign distinctive roles to your agents for performing better. You can supervise a chat for training new employees and can even transfer the chat from one agent to another.

Support Service

You can reach for LiveChatInc’s 24/7 customer support service any time you want. You can also check their comprehensive FAQs for resolving the common issues.

Smartphones & Tablets
Smartphones & Tablets

Pros Of LiveChatInc

  • LiveChatInc being intuitive and quick easily transforms your helpdesk into a proper customer support system and works much better than its fellow competitor tools.
  • LiveChatInc reduces the communication time to a greater extent and lets you resolve your customers’ issues at a much quicker pace in comparison to emails or calls.
  • The software supports multiple languages and is compatible with various browsers and devices.
  • You can track your real-time website visitors and their activity on your web page like whenever they use your shopping cart or even when they cancel the order.
  • You can handle multiple chats at a time and can block any IP address if you want.
  • You can get quick reports of all of your team members at helpdesk to analyze their performances on the basis of their number of chats, durations of chats and chat invites.
  • You can evaluate the overall performance of your team’s customer service by measuring their response times and can make necessary adjustments for improvement.
  • LiveChatInc sets you free from the fears of data security by using reliable communication channels.
  • You can enjoy a trial period of good 30 days.

Cons Of LiveChatInc

Luckily, we couldn’t find any major cons in the software. The only ones we found out are mentioned below.

  • The software doesn’t support video chat capability.
  • Unavailability of real-time language translation.
  • The auto-correct option could use a little more intuitiveness.

As per our judgment, these issues don’t make much difference to the overall software performance and hence can be gladly avoided.

What Users Are Saying About LiveChatInc?


So far, we are quite content with the performance of LiveChatInc but what about the other users that have been using it? – To check how users have taken LiveChatInc we examined various online platforms and review websites for their feedbacks and recommendations, and well, we are quite pleased to see their responses as most of them are positive.

The users seem particularly happy about the software’s wide range of pricing plans that easily fit everyone’s needs. The software is deemed very simple, easy to use and easy to install. Another thing that received a lot of appreciation was the customization tool that offers plenty of options.

The tool is also praised for having 100% uptime and a 24/7 customer support service. The 30-day free trial is specifically admired in almost every review we saw because it gives a great insight into how the software really works. Users also liked the visitor navigation and tracking options that enable them to take a proactive approach with the customers.

Anyhow, where the majority of users found it to be the best live chat solution, few of them had some minor concerns with it as well. And among all those, the only mentionable issue we witnessed was that it could use an even wider range of applications for integration. Otherwise, it’s all good.

So all in all, the users’ feedbacks make it pretty evident that the software is well liked by them all and it showed an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 at almost all the popular blogs and websites.

Is It Popular?

Well, to check whether the software is popular or not, we checked the traffic flow on the software’s website through some popular website ranking tools. According to SimilarWeb, LiveChatInc’s website had a total number of 5 million visitors in the month of November 2016 only.

And according to another famous website Alexa, LiveChatInc is among the 2300 most visited websites in the whole world. It’s not every day we come across such impressive numbers. Now these are really worth bragging!

So, according to these statistics, the tool is extremely and insanely popular.

The Final Word

If you want something that offers a high level of personalization with a simple and spontaneous interface, that is convenient for both you and your clients, then look no further and cease your search right here. With LiveChatInc’s multiple and affordable pricing plans, every business can now enjoy premium quality services without having to pay too much.

Furthermore, with all the extensive features it has to offer, you will not need to use any other additional software of this kind, as it alone would suffice all of your needs. The software is up-to-date, instinctive, and very easy to use and has no match at all.

To sum it up, all we can say is that LiveChatInc is the ideal tool for every single one of you whether you own a very small setup or a huge corporation with a whole separate arrangement for customer service. LiveChatInc, with its all-encompassing nature and limitless attributes, won’t disappoint you in any way.

LiveChatInc Rating & Short Overview






Ease Of Use







  • very intuitive usability
  • reduces communication time
  • supports multiple languages
  • track real-time website visitors
  • handle multiple chats
  • quick reports of your teams


  • doesn’t support video chat
  • no real-time translation
  • auto-correct option improvable

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