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If you are looking for a personalized, quick and effective means to get your website visitors to talk, you need to get MyLiveChat right away. With the easily accessible live chat box on your page, it will be much easier for the customers to approach you and find the answers to their queries. You will find a substantial increase in your website traffic and it will help keep the visitors from leaving your web page.

Live chat gives you a great opportunity to interact with your customers as well as for the customers to get urgent responses to their queries.

And the best part: it’s absolutely free! Here we will go through the main features that make it the customer relationship building tool of choice for SO many companies all across the globe.

Table Of Contents

01. What Is MyLiveChat?
02. MyLiveChat – An Introduction
03. The Pricing
04. Is MyLiveChat Better Than Other Similar Tools?
05. Is It Simple To Use?
06. Pros Of MyLiveChat
07. Cons Of MyLiveChat
08. What Users Are Saying About MyLiveChat?
09. Is It Popular?
10. The Final Word

What Is MyLiveChat? gives a great platform to your website to have a more open and direct channel of communication with the customers. You can easily talk to your website visitors instantly and make them feel more at ease about discussing in detail all questions they may have about your business.

This tool helps you keep tap of your website visitors as well as in the analysis of their interests and keyword and search engine usage. Working on a single click, it offers the most convenient and accessible means to the customers for getting in touch with your people.

This software is ABSOLUTELY free! This is the best thing about the live chat tool as it gives you a chance to try it for some time and see how it affects your sales. In this article, we will discuss what makes it the best online tool for business. We will base the review on these questions:

  • How does it work?
  • What makes MyLiveChat unique?
  • What are the main pros of this software?
  • What are the main disadvantages?
Chat Records
Chat Records

MyLiveChat – An Introduction

MyLiveChat gives you the perfect option for trying the tool for your website at a literally zero expenditure on your part. Working on an Application Service Provider (ASP) basis, this software can be readily installed on your website and you can start talking to your customers instantly!

Designed with the latest technology, the basic edition is entirely free of cost and can actually be customized to match your website theme. There’s also a premium version with much more enhanced features available at a very low cost.

So, why keep your customers waiting? When you can get in touch and give them what they need right away!

Monitoring Your Visitors
Monitoring Your Visitors

The Pricing

MyLiveChat is free! If your business needs a live help center in the form of a live chat, there’s no better option than this. You do not need any budgetary approvals or cost allocations for this tool and can start using it within minutes!

Utilizing the efficient resources, MyLiveChat has been designed to give your customers the highest quality service at the lowest rates. There is an affordable premium version available too if you need more options and features.

This version is available in the form of the following plans:

  • The Free Plan at $0.
  • The Starter (New plan) at $15/month.
  • The Basic (suited for small businesses) at $29/month.
  • Corporate (the most widely used) at $59/month.
  • Enterprise Plan (for larger setups) at $99/month.

All these plans have different structures and include chat history and an allocated number of seats, all of which increase with the size of the plan. So, there’s an option for everyone, for all businesses and organizations.

Pricing Plans
Pricing Plans

Is MyLiveChat Better Than The Other Similar Tools?

With so many tools to choose from, one may wonder why select MyLiveChat for my website? Here’s what makes it better and more efficient than the other website tools:

  • First, it’s absolutely free. This gives you a great opportunity for trial; you can just assess the results over a couple of months, at no loss.
    Very simple to install, it does not require experts or too much time to place on your web page.
  • No matter what your web page is designed as this tool can easily be placed in a corner, and the colors and overall theme can be customized to suit your web page.
  • Gives a chance to greet the visitors with a personal message from your side. This gives them a more personalized feeling of the web page and puts them in a more comfortable position to communicate with you.
  • MyLiveChat allows you to analyze the incoming traffic, the visitor locations as well as the referrers or route the traffic is coming from; so that you can focus your marketing efforts in the right direction.
  • The software is backed by the best web chat software, which allows you to handle hundreds of chat rooms and individual customer chat boxes, all at the same time.

Is It Simple To Use?

MyLiveChat is really easy to use! You just need to add an HTML code and within minutes you can enjoy all the features of this live chat.

Absolutely FREE, the chat button and window can easily be customized as per your requirements and web design. Even if you are off the internet or do not have access to your laptop, you can still keep in touch with all your website visitors on your android or iPhone.

The android/IOS application notifies you of all chat requests, incoming chat messages, and traffic monitoring, even when you are on the move. With MyLiveChat, stay connected ALL the time and never miss an opportunity to connect with the customer.

MyLiveChat – Engage Your Website Visitors

Connect with your prospective customers faster and add a personal touch to your greetings with MyLiveChat. This amazing tool enables you to respond in the fastest possible time to all customer queries from all across the globe.

Moreover, it’s absolutely free! You need no calculations, marketing budgets, etc. to have it up on your webpage. The fact that it’s so easy to install, makes it all the more attractive for the business.

Fast, reliable, and most beneficial, this one is a must have for your website.

Easy to Use

MyLiveChat comes with a range of plugins that can be easily integrated by any non-expert. To start with the software you can:

  • Download either of the plugin options.
  • Or, just copy the simple HTML code.

It Allows Multiple Chat Sessions

With MyLiveChat you can talk to various customers approaching you from any geographical location easily and instantly. This enables you and your customer service agents to respond in the shortest time and for you to handle all queries, at the highest level of service and for free.

This helps in building customer trust and in turning the incoming traffic into actual customers.

SSL Encryption

MyLiveChat gives its users the confidence by ensuring that the entire conversation between the company and the potential client is end to end encrypted with the 256-bit SSL encryption. This way, in case any hackers try to log in on your website, they cannot access the chats and other sensitive details discussed between the client and the agent.

Send Relevant Documents or Files to Your Customers

It also allows you to actively exchange files and documents with your customer right there and then. For instance, if you want to give your customer certain quotes or a customized plan for their individual needs, you can just make a file and send it to them via the live chat session instantly.

The customer will be pleased to receive it without any wastage of time.

Real-Time Traffic Monitoring

It gives you essential information about your website visitors, which may be vital for your marketing promotions and business. For instance, it gives you the complete details about the website referrals, the area where the potential customers reside, IP address, and other important details.

This way you can tailor your business as well as promotional activities in the right direction.


This tool allows you to review the chat history, manage your service providers as well as edit and customize the whole chat window and design. You can pick from a variety of font sizes and colors, button types, layout colors as well as the greeting message and image, so that your website can have its own unique window, in line with its theme.


Pros Of MyLiveChat

You will find MyLiveChat to be the best decision you made for your business website. Let’s go through a few advantages of the software:

  • MyLiveChat gives you an opportunity to participate in an unlimited number of chats at any point in time or place.
    It’s FREE!
  • Very easy to set-up and integrate at all of your business avenues and across the whole network.
  • The theme, colors, and styles are changeable as desired.
  • Excellent customizable options for welcoming specific customers based on their geographical areas, the web page being reviewed, etc. as per your requirements.

Cons Of MyLiveChat

  • Although the software covers all customer complaints, inquiries, and concerns from all aspects, there are a few minor bugs in its design, which may be addressed with further improvements and as newer versions are launched.
  • The free version does not have a provision for giving you the chat backup on email, once a session has ended.
  • With the free plan, there is an advertising link for MyLiveChat; it may be annoying for some, but unfortunately cannot be disabled.

What Users Are Saying About MyLiveChat?


MyLiveChat is used by over 270,000 businesses for their websites. What do the actual customers have to say about it?

You can see the number of users is increasing day by day – with approximately 270 new members being added every day – this says a lot about the quality and level of confidence the customers have inMyLiveChat. The software has received a very positive response and gained the trust and reliance of multiple businesses having different domains from all over the world.

Jane Wearne a regular user of MyLiveChat, noted a considerable increase in the pace of business activity since the inclusion of the software on their website. Another user Alice loved the service and support staff at MyLiveChat and was enthralled with the active customer response and a significant increase in sales.

Overall, everyone has loved the service and agrees with the usability and effectiveness of the software. People from all across the globe admire the speed, all-around integration, and support of MyLiveChat.

Mostly, the way it instantly connects them with their website visitors and supports hundreds of individual chats is simply remarkable and does wonders for small and large businesses, worldwide.

Is It Popular?

One of the easiest and most convenient way of staying in touch with the prospective clients, this tool is gaining popularity all over the business world. Every day over 270 new organizations become part of MyLiveChat’s members and with the existing number of accounts exceeding 300,000, it leaves no doubt about the tool’s popularity.

As per Alexa, is amongst the top 25,000 most visited websites in the world, and the top 10,000 sites in India.

The software has gained much popularity in the United States, India, United Kingdom, Vietnam, Italy as well as Spain.

According to SimilarWeb, has had over 400 thousand monthly visits on average (over the last six months) by people from all around the world. This shows that the software has an ever increasing popularity and following and the trend is bound to stay steady, if not rising upwards in the future.

3 Easy Steps
3 Easy Steps

The Final Word

With the customers getting actively aware of all products, businesses, and services, it is only getting more difficult managing the incoming questions every day. Give yourself a break and organize these queries in the most advanced and convenient way, and that too at a zero cost, with MyLiveChat.

It will give your business the much-needed support in the quickest and most efficient way. Really easy to download and install, you can get it done within a few minutes time, even if you have no technical expertise.

Take your business to the next big step and get in touch with your precious customers in the most advanced and fastest way possible. This is a very effective tool in gaining firsthand knowledge about the web traffic, customer requirements, and giving your customer the best support in the shortest time.

So, what are you waiting for? Give it a try and start right away!

MyLiveChat Rating & Short Overview






Ease Of Use







  • unlimited number of chats
  • easy to set-up and integrate
  • colors & styles are changeable
  • excellent customizable options


  • minor bugs in its design
  • free version is very limited

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