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ProRankTracker – is It the most efficient SEO rank tracking tool? Internet blogging is a pretty popular thing these days. Every single day, a huge number of blog posts are published while competing to each other. Their abundance makes it quite a challenging task to keep a track of their rankings. Which is why the use of internet ranking tools is quite a prevalent trend in the recent times and therefore hold a great significance.

You might often find yourself wondering which SEO tool you should use for managing and tracking all the rankings as meticulously as you can. Whether you are a hardcore blogger or not, or may be just an SEO expert, Pro Rank Tracker might be the solution for you.

  • So let’s dig deep into what Pro Rank actually is?
  • Is it really helpful?
  • Is it pocket-friendly?
  • Is it better than the rest of the solutions out there or not?
  • What are its pros and cons?
  • Let’s scroll down to find out.

Table Of Contents

01. What Is ProRank Tracker?
02. ProRankTracker – An Introduction
03. The Pricing
04. Is ProRankTracker Better Than Other Similar Tools?
05. Is it Simple to Use?
06. Pros Of ProRankTracker
07. Cons Of ProRankTracker
08. What Users Are Saying About ProRankTracker?
09. Is It Popular?
10. The Final Word

What Is ProRankTracker?

ProRankTracker is a simple yet powerful ranking tool. Usage of this tool can help you achieve the necessary control that is required for keyword tracking. Introduced in 2011, Pro Rank Tracker is one of the most well-known tracking solutions, which also has a lot more to offer than its other competitive tools.

ProRankTracker – An Introduction

ProRankTracker, by use of its simple application, lets you analyze all of your websites with much more ease. It is basically a cloud-based SEO rank tracking and reporting tool, the usage of which is not just limited to tracking keywords but is also expanded to tracking unlimited URLs as well.

Pro Rank tracker aims to make it easy for its end users to effortlessly comprehend the SEO strategies that should be implemented in order to achieve more traffic. They have one of the best algorithms tracking systems than any of their competitors in the market. So if you are fed up with your current ranking tool, you might want to give it a try.


So what else does Pro Rank has to offer? Let’s have a look.

  • Advanced Reports
  • Ease of viewing your rankings and managing your PRT account anywhere anytime; iOs& Android App.
  • Rankings Discovery
  • Time-saving bulk adding tools and data organizing features
  • Scheduled Report Saving
  • Flexibility
  • API Access
  • Capability of tracking any term amount needed and developing custom features.

The Pricing

Pricing of ProRankTracker is one the reasons to go for it. Prices vary as per the coverage and need. Starting with a free trial for 20 keywords and 2 URLs, pricing goes up to as much as $1649 for 100,000 keywords with unlimited URLs.

There are a number of different packages as per the end users’ requirements and are pretty reasonably priced. There are two categories of pricing packages with one on the higher side and the other one on the lower side.

The higher side packages are termed as enterprise packages which range from $189 to as much as $1649. Whereas, the lower side include Bronze, Bronze+, Silver and Gold Packages, which range from $19 for 300 keywords to $119 for 3500 keywords.

Pricing Table
Pricing Table

Is ProRankTracker Better Than Other Similar Tools?

We can’t really say that Pro Rank is the best tool in the market in comparison to others out there, as they all work in almost the same manner, but it certainly has a number of amazing features that makes it stand out from many of them.

The best feature that we have found out about Pro Rank Tracker, which makes it better than other similar tools, is the API. However, the availability of this feature is only in the API versions but not others, so if you can manage without automation, you may not need it. But it still makes it pretty easy to use nonetheless.

Another thing that makes it better is its higher level of accuracy than rest other similar tools. When you decide to go for anSEO rank tracking solution and you are paying for it, then you’d obviously expect more accurate results, which Pro Rank is able to provide you.

Other than that, all of the versions of Pro Rank Tracker (other than the free one), offer unbranded white-label reports and they notify you as well whenever your rank changes. All of this data is provided in various formats, as per your ease and preference.

Is it Simple to Use?


Well, one thing that we can vouch for about ProRankTracker is its usability and user-friendly interface. Whether you are going to track the rankings of your URL from the website or mobile, it is pretty simple and has all the things right in front of you to check, which makes Pro Rank Tracker tremendously easy to navigate. However, there is too much information provided so you have to pay really close attention.

Pro Rank Tracker is a perfect solution for both personal website ranks tracking and for the proper Enterprises and SEO agencies, for providing an easy-to-use method of checking their own rankings.

Pro Rank Tracker comes with a number of different features to make its use more convenient for you. Let’s have a look at them


Since Pro Rank Tracker does not search your URLs directly, you do not need to worry about the safety and security of your websites at all. It doesn’t just take care of that but also of the proxies, so security would be the least of your concerns while using it.

Covers complete search engine

You can easily track the rankings of your websites on a number of different search engines with Pro Rank Tracker, which include but aren’t limited to Bing, Google, Yahoo, AOL and so many more.

Multiple Languages

Pro Rank Tracker lets you track your website rankings in several languages of your choice, for any keyword.

Infinite URLs

Unlimited number of URLs can be tracked. There is no limit to it at all.

Track your video rankings

You can even track the rankings of your videos on YouTube or Google Videos quite easily.

Tracking of Mobile Rankings

There is no doubt that people normally use the desktop for internet browsing, however, recent developments prove a higher number of mobile search traffic as well. And luckily, you can track the rankings of your websites on all the mobile devices and tablets with Pro Rank Tracker.

Tracking of Local Rankings

You can easily track your local SEO rankings which also contain Google Maps Local listing tracking.

Limitless Reporting

You can generate as many reports as you want, just like the in the case of URLs.

Reporting of a Progressive level

Pro Rank Tracker uses advanced level graphs and trend lines for tracking the development of your websites’ rankings. You can easily check your clients’ rankings, as well as, you can email them the reports by using the mobile application.

Free stats from Majesticseo

For the URLs that you are tracking via Pro Rank Tracker, you can also see their free backlinks data from

Pros Of ProRankTracker

We have found out a number of positives about Pro Rank Tracker which are briefly stated below.


Pro Rank tracker, despite its cluttered display, is too easy to use. You can quite easily check the rankings of your websites and keywords without much hassle and there is a lot you can see the display for a quick

White Label Reports

ProRankTracker’s reporting offers a diversity of reports, which include some for your own self and some for your clients. A quick view at their reporting is given below:

  • Overview Reports with sub categories including Overview Report, Groups Summary, and Tags Summary.
  • Progressive Reports with sub categories including Daily Breakdown, Week by Week Breakdown and Month by Month Break Down.
  • Comparison Reports with sub categories including URLs Comparison and SE Comparison.
  • Benchmark Reports with sub categories including Comparison between two dates, between three weeks and between two months.

Notification of all Events

The best thing about this tool is that it notifies you about everything that’s going on, whether good or bad. When you are running a business, what you lack the most is the resource of “time”. Automatic notifications make it pretty convenient for you to absorb the current happenings in a quick glance and save you a lot of time.

Keyword Discovery Feature

By using the keyword discovery feature you can check the list of terms that you are ranking for but not tracking. You can get a fair idea of your ranking by that. It can also be used to spy on competitor keywords, which makes it an extremely amazing feature.

MyRanks App for Client and Mobile App


Mobile apps make it easier for you to check everything quickly and on a go.

Pro Rank Tracker has two separate apps, one for the enterprise plans which is MyRanks client app and the other one isn’t for clients but for personal use to keep a track of your own rankings.

Reasonably Priced

Lastly and most importantly, as we described above, Pro Rank Tracker has a number of different plans which are very reasonably priced so it won’t be a burden on your pockets.

Cons Of ProRankTracker

Though ProRankTracker has plenty of reasons for you to go for it, there are a few problems with it as well which should also be well-thought-out before making a decision.

  • Information is too messed up which becomes a hindrance in getting quick view
  • Mobile Rankings are not a part of the default view and so they should be added there.
  • Doesn’t have much more to offer than just rank checking.

Though there are cons to it but they are small and pretty much fixable, so despite thesefew problems, it is still a pretty good and considerable option.


What Users Are Saying About ProRankTracker?

So far, ProRankTracker looks pretty good to us but can we say that about the other users as well? Well there are numerous reviews and remarks about Pro Rank Tracker on the internet with majority of them praising it.

On a popular SEO and Marketing blog named Sustained Surge, Pro Rank Tracker is rated 4.5 out of 5, whereas, on Google Playstore it is rated 4.1 out of 5.

Users are saying that it is easy to use and more precise than other similar tools and because of its detailed reporting and frequent updates, it is much easier to measure their websites’ performances. However, they seem a bit unhappy about it being a little inconsistent and disordered in terms of information.

So in a nutshell, users seem to be quite satisfied with Pro Rank Tracker, despite a few glitches.

Is It Popular?

To find out about Pro Rank Tracker’s popularity we can use online tools and websites for tracking their traffic. Although we can get a rational idea about its popularity through the number of remarks and reviews available on the internet, we can also use online tools and websites to track their traffic and global standing.

As per SimilarWeb ,ProRankTracker has more than 83 thousand visitors for the month of September 2016. Another popular traffic tracking website “Alexa” shows that Pro Rank Tracker is among the top 30 thousand visited websites in the world which is quite a proof of its popularity. So as per online stats, Pro Rank Tracker is definitely popular.

The Final Word

As we all know that a number of businesses fail and lose their rankings just because they do not take any precautionary measures at the beginning of it. This amazing tool can assist them in keeping a close watch on their website’s and keywords rankings and hence can push them to take required measures whenever necessary.

Based on the detailed analysis above, I believe we all can agree on ProRankTracker being an excellent SEO tool for tracking keywords and rankings. Pro Rank can be used by anybody, be it a blogger, SEO agency, or just someone who wants to ensure the keyword accuracy.

ProRankTracker Rating & Short Overview






Ease Of Use







  • very good usability
  • offers a diversity of reports
  • notification of all events via mail
  • great mobile app
  • reasonably priced tool


  • getting a quick view could be done better
  • mobile rankings not part of default view
  • adding new keywords is ponderous

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