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It’s all about hospitality and efficient customer services when it comes to businesses in this modern age. Gone are the days when customers were at the mercy of service agents to help them with their problems. The competition is so tough these days that a slight delay in services can take away your potential customers. Understandably, you have to be alert all the time to make better prospect.

Dealing with the customers is an integral part of any business. Understanding your customer’s needs and helping them in the best possible manner ensures that they are to stay with you for longer. You must be aware of how crucial a job your service agents are performing.

To be able to turn potential customers into a long term prospect, businesses equip themselves with the most advanced software services these days. Especially when you are running business websites, your online customer service should be of top quality. To ensure this, we have for you today an attractive software in our discussion. This software allows you to chat to customers that land on your page allowing you to introduce them to your product in a much efficient manner.

Provide Support is the software we shall look at. Regardless of how big or small your website may be, it can work wonders and help you grow as a business.

Table Of Contents

01. What Is Provide Support?
02. Provide Support – An Introduction
03. The Pricing
04. Is Provide Support Better Than Other Similar Tools?
05. Is It Simple To Use?
06. Pros Of Provide Support
07. Cons Of Provide Support
08. What Users Are Saying About Provide Support?
09. Is It Popular?
10. The Final Word

What Is Provide Support?

Since online chat services are an integral part of modern business websites, Provide Support was introduced to provide businesses with an affordable communication channel. Since most customers today buy products online, provide support becomes a handy tool to serve them better. Regardless of where your customers might be, you can instantly connect to them.

Provide Support was introduced in 2003. Considering that the concept of online chat wasn’t all that popular back then, it can be considered as a bit of innovation in the field of digital marketing. The company is based in New York and provides services worldwide.

More than just being a chatting service, Provide Support also offers real time monitoring services for e-commerce sites. You can view your visitor activities, collect important information and generate relevant reports that help you with decision making for your business.

Provide Support is available in 8 internationally spoken languages which allows businesses to address to their local communities as well. This chat service is highly scalable so you that you can integrate it according to your website requirements. Hence, it guarantees good results no matter what size or nature of business website you might have.


Provide Support – An Introduction

It’s all about presenting your product in the best possible manner and Provide Support understands that. Since you can engage with your customers instantly, you can provide them with valuable insights about your product which you might not have mentioned on your website. From a variety of operations that you can perform with the help of Provide Support, here are a few things that you can do:

  • Track your visitors and their activities in real time.
  • Connect to multiple visitors at the same time.
  • Relieve yourself from answering the phone calls.
  • Target potential customers based on their on-site activity.
  • Customize chat interface as you wish.
  • Integrate the chat service with your website in simple steps.

Why Provide Support become such a handy chat tool is because you can make instant and long lasting connections with your customers over chat. Here is what this tool offers:

  • Multilingual chat facility
  • Use Spell check tool so that your communication appears professional
  • Chat with other service agents in your company in a separate room
  • Transfer calls
  • Use emoticons to give your visitors friendly gestures
  • Transfer files and presentations

There is so much more on offer and we shall see further how Provide Support can boost your business website.

The Pricing

If you are interested in buying this product, there is a free trial available for ten days. You can get used to the features and if you find it good enough, here are the four pricing plans which you can choose from:

  • One month package is available for $15 for one operator, $30 for 3 operators and $60 for 10 operators.
  • A 3 month package is priced at $35 for one operator, $70 for three operators and $140 for operators.
  • With the six months plan, you can up to 33%. It is available for $60 for a single operator, $120 for 3 operators and $240 for 10 operators.
  • The One year plan can help you save up to 45%. For one operator, it is priced at $99, $198 and $396 for 3 and 10 operators respectively.

If you wish to have more operators, then you can download the PDF file for pricing from the official website.

Pricing Plans
Pricing Plans

Is Jivochat Better Than Other Similar Tools?

With so many online chat tools and social media services which offer chat services for free, it is not all that easy for any service to stay in business if it doesn’t have the X-factor. Many businesses might run their social media pages and chat for free but if you have your own business website, Provide Support can be a great help and here is a competitive analysis to prove that:

Provide Support offers discount packages as your number of operators increase. Up to 65% discount is available and is one of the best discount packages among the current chat services.

Branding removal from any plan is available for free. Many chat services do not offer this service for free.

Language support is a huge plus point. You can chat with your visitors in as many internationally spoken languages.

Live emoticons is not considered an option in many chat services because they want you to appear formal. However, Provide Support gives you this option so that you can also have a friendly chat with your visitors that can help turn into consistent buyers from your site.

File transfer feature is normally available for the operators only. However, in Provide Support, this option is available for visitors as well.

Is It Simple To Use?


Provide Support is fairly easy to use. Like other chat services, it is simple to set up and the interface is quite intuitive too. Provide Support also features quite a few integrations which allow you to seamlessly run your favorites apps with this service. In addition to that, the online support makes it a lot easier to work with this chat tool. We shall look at some of the features to give you an idea how easy this software really is.

Multiple Chat Sessions:

You can chat with more than one visitor simultaneously. This feature is particularly helpful because you can address to several visitors having the same type of queries so you don’t have to type for each of them separately. Also, this is a clear advantage over phone call support where you cannot talk to more than one person at a time.

Operator Assignment:

Depending on the type of query your visitors might have, you can assign relevant operators with a particular chat with just one click. Many customers like to discuss an issue with a particular department so this assigning tool comes in really handy.

Email Chat Transcripts:

A complete summary of your chat sessions is emailed to your customers. It’s an automatic feature and helps you improve your customer service by making it appear professional.It also helps you to identify any areas where your services might be lacking and you can always review these chats later.

Easy Setup:

The software is a web based service so you can save a lot of deployment cost. You don’t need to install any software on your desktops. Simply log in to the website and add a chat button to your homepage.

Plenty of Integrations:

With nearly 25 integrations on offer, you can avail several online shopping cart services, email services, finance and commerce management and much more. These integrations seamlessly work with your website to boost your productivity.

There are plenty of other tools and features to look forward to. Provide Support has covered most of the aspects such as security, cost affectivity, Reporting and analytics etc. These tools and integrations work together as a well-oiled machine enabling you to focus on the most important business operations. Undoubtedly, Provide Support is incredibly easy to use.

Pros Of Provide Support

Provide Support is an intuitive software that not just lets you interact with your customers but also improves your chances of making prospective customers for the future. Here are some of the best advantages of using this chat service.

  • The service is customizable so you can blend it the way you like.
  • It is much more efficient and time saving as compared to email or telephone support.
  • You can learn about your customer’s location, browser details and so you will be able to learn what type of customers attract most business.
  • It’s a scalable service so if you wish to expand your business, you won’t need to run for a new chat service.
  • It’s a web based solution so you don’t need to install any software or deploy servers at your office.

Cons Of Provide Support

There are some areas where Provide Support can improve. Here is a look at some of the cons:

  • Mobile app is not available right now.
  • Some chat services have a feature that allows you to look at what your visitors are typing. Provide Support has that feature missing.
Sign Up in 3 Steps
Sign Up in 3 Steps

What Users Are Saying About Provide Support?

General response from customers regarding Provide Support has been good. Most customers have given this app a thumbs up as well as shared their recommendations in order to improve the functionality. On the other hand, a few customers have also pointed out some drawbacks which are mostly negligible.

Users suggest that they have been able to answer to their customers’ queries much more efficiently. Provide Support is a high speed way to communicate with visitors.

Customization is another most talked about feature in this chat service. Customer say that they can blend the outlook of the chat interface according to their website layout which makes it appear a part of the website.

Customers also suggested that the pricing plans and features for this service are highly competitive and mostly better than other chat services. They were quite happy to recommend this service to other users.

Some customers suggested that the service should have a mobile app considering the number of smartphones and mobile devices these days. They reckon it could help them stay connected with their business from anywhere.


Is It Popular?

We turned to independent website reviewers to get an idea of how popular the official website really is. It gives a better indication as to how many people have been opting services from this company which enables them to make important decisions whether to buy this product or not.

According to SimilarWeb, Provide Support has improved its global ranking in the last few years. It ranks among the top 20,000 websites of the world. In the month of November, it has 2.4 Million visitors with an average on site time of more than 4 and a half minutes. These numbers are quite a fair indication of how popular this sight might be.

Also, if we look at the analysis from Alexa, the website ranking might have dropped a little bit in the recent past but it still tanks among the top 20,000 websites of the world. Daily page views per visitor is nearly 1.5 which suggests that customers are keen to look into the features available in this service.

The Final Word

If you ask as, there is no possible reason why we shouldn’t say yes. This chat service has almost everything covered. From analytics to emoticons to real time monitoring to file sharing, Provide Support has taken care of it all.

It looks like a really hospitable service for businesses of all sizes. With some fascinating integrations and features accompanied by flexible pricing options and availability in 8 international languages, Provide Support is right up there when it comes to versatile online chat services.

Provide Support Rating & Short Overview






Ease Of Use







  • software is very customizable
  • highly efficient & time saving
  • great customer analysis
  • a scalable service
  • web based solution


  • mobile app is not available
  • visitor typing feature is missing

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